Kings Leap

A Cultivated Life
Rindon Johnson & Jordan Strafer
Curated by Coco Fitterman

June 2 to July 1 2018

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Rindon Johnson

That’s enough ok, I’m of several minds about it. I’d like to sit in a pool but not die in one. Have you ever questioned the nature of your reality? Please it was just a game. Ya know structured dancing. Well it rained too soon. You’re as new as the nation. I mean I brought you here., 2018, indigo, furniture leather, rust, coffee

Jordan Strafer Title sequence 67 (Rin), 2018

graphite on wall

Jordan Strafer Title sequence 35, 2018

graphite on wall

Jordan Strafer Title Sequence 60, 2018

pink onion skin paper, graphite, sheet protector, chewing gum

Rindon Johnson I looked like who done it and what for, 2018

rawhide and seedpod

Jordan Strafer Title sequence 4 (Dad), 2018

graphite on wall